Saturday, May 21, 2011

Micro-Philanthropy Comes to Dunwoody

It has only taken two years for the City to position itself to "need to raise taxes". As expected, the blogosphere has seen more than it's fair share of outspoken advocates of City government taking your money to support their whimsical "must haves". Recent examples include:
"I'm totally fine with a moderate increase in taxes..."
"It's time to increase taxes..."
But there is also a new voice being heard. It is the voice of those who, while they want something, are willing to pick up the tab for their own flights of fancy:
"We are more than willing to pay a couple hundred dollars more a year for an improved quality of life for us and our children."
Bravo! This is a voice of reason emanating from the relatively new movement known as "Micro-Philanthropy". As the name suggests it is a grass-roots, locally targeted form of philanthropy, a means to throw your own money directly at those things you wish to support.

This is not without precedent. For years State and Federal tax forms have offered those who wish to selectively and individually increase their taxes the opportunity to do just that. But now we're seeing this take hold at the local level, where people of integrity and honor are standing tall and saying
"Yes, take my money, but only my money, because I want you to build these things for me."
You might call it "voting with your wallet" and it is even rumored that Dunwoody is teaming up with PayPal to offer Micro-Philanthropy opportunities on the City website.

And to those who say we should all "just man-up and pay whatever taxes the City wants", these progressives, dare we say, these intellectuals, offer a clear, firm message:
"Grow a pair for yourself. Then trot down to City Hall, cut them off and hand them over. You clearly have no need for them." 
So the next time someone attempts to cajole you into joining in a chorus of "Please Mayor, Raise Everyone's Taxes For Little Ole Me", ask them how much of their money they've donated to their pet causes.