Sunday, June 26, 2011

Screen on the Green Moves to Dunwoody

Due to recent "mishaps" at its current location the promoters of Screen on the Green are relocating the event to Dunwoody's own Brookrun Park. Lest you fear this also a relocation of The Troubles to our fair city, these promoters have a plan.
"We've got some lesson's learned from the previous experience, and we're pretty smart folks too. We have a plan to promote content that does not incite disruptive behavior. Why have a "Blade" marathon when there's Cary Grant?"
"So we'll start off with some golden oldies, like "An Affair to Remember", but we'll juxtapose that with "Sleepless in Seattle". For June, it's "The Longest Day" and "Saving Private Ryan". If we can carry through to December, we've got quite a Pearl Harbor lineup."
What if that still doesn't work?
"Then we get tough. We show two-a-nights with a sleeper followed by a classic silent film. We can do "Out of Africa" followed by "Modern Times"; "Citizen Kane" and "City LIghts"; "Dances with Wolves" and "Nanook of the North". If that's not enough, we go nuclear with "The English Patient". Doesn't matter what you show after that."
Of course this might cause one to ponder, out loud, why this would not work at the current venue.
"There is too much history to overcome. Plus we understand the Dunwoody PD has recently received their automatic weapons license from the Feds and they have assured us that any outbursts will be quickly resolved."
So there you have it dear readers. We're goin' to the movies!