Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Warren "5K" Scores His $5K

It appears our city manager has managed to make last year's bonus permanent with the recent announcement of City raises. All the while taxpayers in the private sector are being told "you're lucky to have a job". The irony is the raise is justified by the manager's "success at saving money" which directly translates into "not providing City services." Perhaps there may come a day when we wish someone would pay him not to do his job.

So, two years and millions of dollars later, we're not any safer, our roads are not any better, we have another taxing entity, and we have more intrusion into our private lives. To make up for this we get to hand out raises to folks who made this happen. Oh, lest we forget, we've got those lovely beige "farmhouse" signs letting anyone who cares know they are about to trespass on Dunwoody.