Sunday, September 19, 2010

Valuing Schools

If you, like many in Dunwoody, believe that good schools drive property values up then you should be quite concerned about living in DeKalb, and particularly in Dunwoody. Recent SAT scores show that Dunwoody High not only did not lead the county, but scored fifth place behind Chamblee, Lakeside, DeKalb School of Arts and Druid Hills.

But it gets worse. Four of the top five Cobb County high schools scored above the best in DeKalb, and Cobb's fifth ranking high school would be listed in third place were it in DeKalb. And Cobb is not alone in besting Dunwoody High and DeKalb.

Were someone looking to buy a suburban home in this depressed market and that parental bromide of "wanting the best schools for their kids" is really true, then a better option is had by looking only a little further to the west or east. Given this reality, perhaps it is time for Dunwoody to transform itself from a suburb "dedicated to the worship of children" to a modern urban oasis for young and old alike.