Monday, January 5, 2009

The Only Signs Welcome in Dunwoody

Are apparently Welcome To Dunwoody signs.

To quote John Heneghan, a Dunwoody city councilman and blogger:
"Two graphic artists in the area, Steven Fuller and Earl Cole, designed and submitted about 20 designs for the city signs. The designs were gathered [...] and submitted to the Dunwoody City Council, who narrowed it down to three finalists."
At best these are reminiscent of "Steel Magnolias", where the Julia Roberts' character had two favorite colors--bashful and blush--two almost indistinguishable shades of pink. A web page designer would observe that the three options are identical in content and except for minor changes in aspect ratio and element scaling are identical in appearance. We can only imagine how horrible the other 17 were.

And the beige. What is WITH the beige? Is this a joke? Perhaps a very bad one, as in "Beige, I think I'll paint the ceiling Beige"? It should be replaced with Dunwoody Yes! yellow to remind us all of those who got us into this, or commemorate them if you're a fan. Or maybe bronze like a historical marker giving a nod to the fact that Dunwoody is all about clinging to the past rather than embracing a progressive future. But please, anything but Flip This House beige.

This whole welcome sign affair is also eerily similar to the self-congratulatory "Vernon Jones & Co. " sidewalk signs. Maybe our esteemed leaders should complete the job by adding the Mayor and Council-person names. And get ready for the photo-ops when the first signs are installed. We're more likely to see a video of this event on the Dunwoody website than videos of council meetings.

The fact that this appears at this high a priority is very telling--the council spent valuable time culling out about 17 to arrive at 3 virtually identical signs. But there just isn't enough time for expanding public comment at council meetings. No sir, they're just too busy for that.

That's the real Welcome to Dunwoody sign this government is posting for all of Dunwoody.