Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Year Of Just Say No

The first, definite NO is the GO Bond vote. With rumors and surveys floating around strongly suggesting that the new Austin Elementary will open, Day ONE with trailers, what greater indictment of this System Administration do you need. With their total incompetence when it comes to planning facilities why in gawd's name would you give them more money to abuse? Because you hope to get some?

Then there is the county government where SB7, sponsored by State Senator Emanuel Jones, is poised to gut what little remains of DeKalb's ethics board. Some have observed that the more you know about SB7 the less likely you are to vote in favor. This is why Jones, after a challenging public meeting with only limited discussion of SB7, published a smarmy notice that "it had been decided" to postpone the remaining two public meetings until after the vote. In itself a disgusting political ploy that is made all the worse by suggesting (he won't allow you to pin him down on anything) it needed to be closer to the legislative session since they intend to put out more proposals to fully eviscerate the ethics board.

At least voting should be easy. The county, on two fronts, are shoving referenda most foul into our face and all we have to do is Say NO!