Monday, July 13, 2015

Don't It Make Your Blue Tank Brown

Apparently the blue water tower over to the First Baptist Bank of Dunwoody is about to get its beige on. There is a reason these monstrosities are painted blue as this helps them melt into the background sky and outside of Gaffney Moons The World and the Golf Ball On A Tee south of town they're not exactly object d'art. Even then art IS in the eye of the beholder.

All the Dunwoody and JAP jokes* aside beige is and always has been the unofficial colour of Dunwoody despite that godawful green used all over the City website. While a beige sport coat aligns the tower with the brick and beige faux Williamsburg theme all but mandatory for any self-respecting structure in Dunwoody it will make the thing stand out like a sore thumb unless we cultivate some serious smog. But it will become a distinctive gateway structure screaming "Welcome to Dunwoody--Beige Is As Brown As We Get!" Or maybe it will be the colour version of the You Must Be This Tall signs at Six Flags: You Must Be Lighter Than This To Enter Dunwoody.

But it isn't all weird. Our photo-opping Mayor intends to use the light brown tower-thingy as the cornerstone of his re-election campaign. As well he should. Everyone in Dunwoody will probably agree that getting the tower painted beige is the best thing he's done since taking office.

* Honey we really should paint the ceiling beige.