Thursday, July 9, 2015


Political Correctness as a form of Mass Madness has opened some opportunities in the collectibles market.

The obvious is guns and ammo. Stockpiling now allows the savvy investor to cash in when the seemingly inevitable Hillary takes office as there will certainly be a run on guns. You might think this is a narrow market focussing on AR-15s, AK-47s and other intimidating assault weapons but it is broader than you think. The last assault on weapons caused such a run on 22LR that supply has yet to recover. For rimfire, ferchissakes!

If there is anything more abhorrent to the PC crowd than guns it has to be cigarettes and smoking. Collectibles? Ashtrays and cigarette cases and lighters. Just stay away from cheap because there is still too much around of truly high quality. Think art deco or mid century modern. Kinda Mad Men. But rest assured the PC policy will destroy them all so collect now before they're gone.

The current PC attack is against all things CSA. The most obvious is the infamous Confederate battle flag with supplies to dwindle as the PC police have shamed manufacturers into halting or limiting production and retailers into halting sales and doing gawd knows what with existing inventory. But it's more than just banners. There's bumper stickers--Fergit Hell! all the way down to Southern By the Grace of God. CSA belt buckles. Johnny Reb hats. Musical car horns that play Dixie. Hell, what about those GT bottle openers down at the Ace Hardware store? Did you know there are a few bars of Dixie in the middle of Up With The White And Gold? Better snatch those up before they're tossed in the dustbin.

And PC is a weird thing indeed. Chris Rock can lay out the N-word though Oprah will give him shit. You try it and your ass is grass. Obama can say it, intentionally, in public and the AJC quotes him using the full word as if we don't all know what "N-word" means. Does Oprah have the balls to give him shit? No? Well maybe she should go get a pair. We hear Bruce Jenner has a couple to spare. Or is it not PC to say that?