Monday, June 8, 2015

Shut Down The TSA

Pretend airport security is "math" and admit we're just "not good at it." It's OK, no one really uses airport security in the real world anyway. Just look at the TSA, they had all that security training and then what happens on the "real" job? 95% failure rate. Security? Just a word they like to use.

Consider this. Suppose the TSA were 95% effective at detecting and stopping the faux threats presented in the latest audit. Pretty good, right? Wrong. 95% effective is 5% fail. That means 100 terrorists presenting a simplistic, direct attack on these "defenses" would succeed five times. That would be five planes at risk. That would be five more twin towers disasters. That would be five nuclear power plants spewing the toxic snow of our nuclear winter.

Or perhaps it would just be five plane crashes, or five planes taken out by our F-16's. That's OK, isn't it?

But the TSA isn't 95% effective, it is only 5% effective. Calls to "fix the TSA" are insane. This is not a car that needs a new battery, this is a car where the battery is the only thing that works. You do not throw even more money down this rat hole, you act on the facts and admit that TSA is little more than a jobs program for a specific demographic that puts on a (rather offensive) show but offers no meaningful value. But does so at enormous costs in money and erosion of our privacy and liberty. It is time to recognize that facts prove that the TSA IS the terrorists' victory and shut it down.