Thursday, June 18, 2015

Called By Name

Wanna piss someone off? Just say "Hartsfield." Hartsfield, Hartsfield, Hartsfield! Really pisses off the close family of Former, Late Mayor Jackson, mostly because his, and their, surname which is officially part of the airport name somehow seems to get dropped in common usage. They are lobbying the City and Airport Management to insist that whenever a cabbie is asked to "take me to the airport" without mentioning "Jackson" that they be taken to the upstart airport in Paulding County. Dey be dissed. And dissed is pissed.

Brother Maynard was one notable dude as was we learned in "A Man In Full" where some say he was the model for Tom Wolfe's mayor who's most memorable line was "We got the power now we want the money." Close relatives and hangers-on now want to bask in the glory of his afterglow as they've become bored with merely spending the rich dividends of his political power. Jackson is also notable for being the "First Black" mayor of Atlanta. He should also be lauded for NOT being the "First Black" mayor to serve prison time. But a lingering problem resurfaces whenever bid rigging or corruption at Hartsfield is investigated as the name "Jackson" comes up all too often and the trail runs cold when you look past Maynard's tenure.

At the end of the day the name "Jackson" is very closely associated with the Atlanta Airport, just not the way current beneficiaries of the Airport's business and political largess would prefer.