Monday, March 16, 2015

Pavement To The People

Have you heard? The City is planning to put about one and one half interstate lanes worth of sidewalk over by the Kroger shopping center in Georgetown.

And folks are pissed.

They don't seem to have much problem with really wide sidewalks, er, mutli-use trails on the bidness side of the road but on the more residential side, not so much. Rather odd. Seems like you'd want these multi-use runways where the people are and most folks round these parts live in a residence. Do you really want to play frogger on Chamblee-Dunwoody to get to that Live-Work-Play Expressway on the other side?

This Smart City is having a real hard time figuring out where to put all their pavement. Maybe they should do it the way they once did on college campuses across the country. First you plant grass. Everywhere. Then after about a semester, you pave the areas that no longer have grass. Because that's where folks are walking.