Thursday, March 5, 2015

Magic Numbers

If you are in need of "Leech Therapy" you need look no further than DeKalb County Schools--so long as the blood you need to hemorrhage is money. 

First DCSD is over-taxing county residents, beyond what is allowed by state law. This is a holdover from the days DCSD ran what is now Perimeter College and were allowed a tax surcharge to cover those expense. You may find this unbelievable, but when DCSD disposed of their college responsibilities they did NOT lower the tax rate bringing it into compliance with state law. Apparently they think they are grandfathered in as the only district allowed to flaunt this particular law. 

Then there is the fact that DCSD is notorious for pissin' money away on almost anything but delivery of an education to children in the classroom. Their educational results are so pathetic and their wasteful spending so conspicuous and ostentatious it would embarrass even the most corrupt and brazen third world dictator. These folks are the Idi Amins of public education. 

Has the State of Georgia done anything to address this? Yeah...NO. They have put in place yet another law requiring that 65% (a number they snatched out of the air, but there is no number you can pick to fix this) of the school budget be spent in the classroom. And what is the DCSD reaction? You might think they'd play some financial shell game that would make a money launderer proud. But they don't have to because the State gives them a waiver. That's right. The State creates a law and then says "you don't have to follow it if you tell us you don't want to." 

And that's just what our Son of a Son of a Sharecropper Superintendent will do and he will pontificate on how he's got the best interests of all 100,000 students at heart. It's time for a change. The citizens, the parents in DeKalb need to put in place a plan to cut that number by 10,000 students per year over the next five years. Then let the super spend 90% of his money, under waiver of course, on Phake PhDs in the Palace and 10% on overworked subs in trailers because at then end of the day there is nothing DCSD can do to save our schools.