Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cyber Chill

It's cold and getting colder out there in Cyberville. A little over a year ago things were much hotter. We had lots of local pundits punditting and certainly some of that activity was driven by elections. Elections over and the blogosphere goes quiet. To be sure those were the days of hot-headed politics. On the one side we had the red-shirtin' Save Dunwoody folks and lined up against them was an informal cabal of establishment bloggers. Not satisfied with that, opposition to the red-shirt opposition to the status quo coalesced into A Better Dunwoody. Just the thing to save us all from Save Dunwoody.

And now? Chirps.

Save Dunwoody didn't get their clean sweep and while there has been some activity around the most recent elections it is nothing compared to their broom wielding days. Without that unnecessary combatant A Better Dunwoody seems to have decided Dunwoody is as good as it will ever be offering nary a peep for well over a year.

Likewise the independents have either mellowed or zeroed though the hero of zero has irons in a much hotter fire than we can strike up in daVille. That silence is understandable and probably rests on advice from folks renowned for their advicing skills. On the upside a pervasive cloud of sanity overwhelmed most local bloggers as they either disabled comments or put them under moderation. Turns out bilous commenters did little but distract and offend but at the same time ignored recommendations to get their own blog. Thankfully shutting them out came at little cost and zero loss.

So what is the bottom line? Turns out things really are better than they were a year ago. Fer real and fer virtual.