Monday, January 26, 2015

CC101 : An Introduction To Cord Cutting

You watch TV, right? So you've seen the MegaMillions commercial where the Yuppy comes into the kitchen to inform the Yuppette that he won the jackpot. Of only fifteen million dollars. The Yuppette, more in need of a mental massage that her precious mani-pedi ends her wailing by remarking "we'll have to drop the cable."

That was meant to be funny, but if you've looked at your cable bill lately, or worse yet if you've been tracking it over the last few years then you are probably NOT smiling. And you are not alone. Just like TV landlines before them increasingly folks are giving up on TV delivered down some fat black tube and getting their entertainment jollies elsewhere.

And our label-conscious society has a name for them. They're called "Cable Cutters" and you just might want to join their ranks. Most folks associate Cable-Cutting with Millennials but in most cases this demographics cannot cut the cable because they never had a cable in the first place but they point to a future where you watch what you want, when and where you want to watch it. They demand it and the rest of us benefit. If we choose to.

The following little clip will give you an idea of how this new media generation consumes content, entertains themselves and just what they think of pay-TV monopolies.

So we will take advantage of the City Manager Honeymoon Period to lay off our usual bitching and moaning instead explore the ins and outs, the ups and downs of putting as much distance as possible between your wallet and pay-TV providers.