Monday, July 1, 2013

New Laws Take Effect Today

As is ever the case, July 1st is the official day that the blatherings and blunderings of the gold-domers descends upon us mere mortals. It is the day that most, if not all, new state laws take effect.

Of particular interest in this past session was the confluence of transportation and gun rights in a single law. On the transportation side the issue at hand is colloquially called "left lane bandits", those obnoxious assholes who park their slow-mobiles in the left most lane seemingly in an effort to impede as much progress as possible. This is where gun rights come into play.

The new law, HB666, allows drivers to shoot left lane bandits thereby extending the castle doctrine beyond "stand your ground" to "clear that lane". While this is a state law it is subject to local enforcement and many jurisdictions are imposing a tires-before-head firing policy. Consequently many pundits are recommending that this policy be observed in all cases to eliminate cross-jurisdiction confusion.

Furthermore the humour value of the blond bimbo sippin' a latte in her SUV, dialin' down the speed all the while she's dialin' on her phone and who goes tits over ass when you pop that tractor-trailer sized front tire should not be minimized. Since it in no way constrains the second shot it seems like the kind of common sense policy so often advocated by the White House.

So. It's July first. It's open season on highway idiots. And there is no limit.