Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Deal Caves--Agrees To Incompetent Blacks

After a brief meeting with local NAACP representatives Governor Nathan Deal has backed down from his "Get The Best, Forget The Rest" stance on turning the DeKalb County Schools around and will establish a quota system for Board appointees to ensure "adequate black representation". When challenged to "get involved and make sure these black candidates are good black candidates" the NAACP refused that race-bait responding with their own: "if they're black enough, they're good enough."

Deal's preemptive attempt to avoid the situation, appointing R. L. Brown as co-liaison, met with derision from the NAACP who claim it is too little, too late and observed that he was just a "token" added at the last minute and if Deal really understood the situation then Brown would have veto power over any appointment. When asked whether repeating what most observers see as obvious mistakes of the recent past propelling us to potential loss of SACS accreditation the NAACP said they "have it handled" and made a compelling case. "If that son of bitch don't restore accreditation NOW we're gonna pull his lily white ass down off his high horse, drag him through the court of public opinion bleeding from a thorny crown of racism and then we'll nail his honkie ass to a cross and leave him hanging there 'til his mama cries." Now that's commitment to the cause.

Deal concluded if the black community cannot control these fools then he had a redneck's chance in Watts and if Elgart wants to take them on he can do it on his own. Having washed his hands of this drama he is now certain to appoint the next six blacks who cannot get away fast enough and is said to be considering a reversal of his decision not to suspend the other three Board members in an effort to purge the recently elected whites. When asked if this was nothing short of ethnic cleansing, the Governor observed "no, this is only about race".