Monday, February 11, 2013

Soft Pine Cones

It is widely known that down here in the Southland we love our guns. What may be less widely recognized is how much we love our dogs. Of course this leads to a small problem, often quite a few small problems, referred to in polite company as "soft pine cones".  When folks come to visit it is just plain good manners to give them a head's up on where they might run across one of these soft pine cones. Especially if they bring rugrats that insist on "playing" in the yard. 

As you are probably aware DeKalb County and the entire metro area has more than it's share of political soft pine cones. Fortunately we have a local warning system as well. 

Jeff Dickerson. 

Where ever you find Jeff D. you're gonna find a whole heapin' mess of soft pine cones. Whenever he's the spokesperson for a cause or an organization you certainly do not want get caught downwind and if at all possible you want put as much distance, real and political, between yourself and his pile du jour. If he happens to be on your payroll, you're in some profoundly deep doo-doo, but you probably know that already.  And when he goes all arrogant cranking the volume on his screamin' ninny up to eleven then literally and figuratively it is all over but the shouting. 

So if you want to go out and play in your political backyard, look around first and if you see Jeff D. you just might want to stay home.