Thursday, February 7, 2013

Brook Run Parkway

After the City's courtroom triumph over the "save the trees" TRO many a reporter observed the Smart City's Good Mayor ejaculating:
"We're going ahead and constructing the trail as planned"
bringing us to a rather fine point: just which plan would that be? Amongst all the khazeray this silly drama of Ents vs Trolls has rained upon us what seems to have been lost is exactly how did we, the mere citizens of Dunwoody, get bamboozled?

The process itself seems quite simple and is a tribute to the fact that City bureaucrats have honed their skills and learned quite a lesson from the spankings they got over the "Power Line Parks" and "Bond for a Parks Pogrom". This time they published and took public comment on a plan they had no intention of implementing but in so doing acquired the political cover of "public buy-in". Once that was in place they followed the real plan, the concrete plan. Not the much more appropriate, full length and less costly (and yes, still ADA compliant) asphalt plan. Not when some city bureaucrat has a "Friend in the Concrete Business".

The "why" is a bit more clever but no less easily understood. Politicians and their dirty-sanchez-ing bureaucrats gain power by maximizing the amount of money that is spent under their say so. In this case, our tax dollars. And power has a way of currying favor, whether it be a high paying job for that cucumber your sister's daughter was dumb enough to marry, a few rounds of golf at Augusta, or a less than arms-length real estate deal on that nice place down on the coast. What goes around comes around and if you control how taxpayer money gets around, good things are sure to come your way.

Just imagine how much power and glory is to be had from a Perimeter Center City Sports Complex.