Friday, November 23, 2012

Irony of Education in Georgia

Now that the slap in the face the voters gave the Georgia Public Education Industry has just about stopped "smarting" we pause to note the irony of the circumstances.

Public Education abandoned knowledge/content based curricula in favor of "conceptualization" and "critical thinking" emphasizing "creating good citizens" over graduating competent scholars. The Education Industry embraced this in no small part because of concept-based education's fuzziness which makes it practically impossible to measure student achievement and consequently their performance.

Until Amendment One.

This put the Education Industry in a bind. Passage posed a real threat to their exclusive choke-hold on all public funding for education. Being masters of propaganda they initially attempted a FUD campaign which, surprisingly, failed. They were left with the unsavory option of campaigning against the wording of the ballot claiming it was misleading voters, implying if not outright stating that voters were too poorly educated to understand what they were voting on. And just how did they get so poorly educated? Well that would be at the hands of our Public Education Industry right here in Georgia.

Perhaps they are right. Perhaps most folks in Georgia, those they have "graduated", are indeed extremely ignorant. But perhaps they are just smart enough, see clearly enough, and know just enough of the facts to realize they've been cheated.