Friday, June 8, 2012

Brookhaven Police Department

As Brookhaven is on the brink of becoming a city modeled closely on Dunwoody, it might be of interest for voters to examine Dunwoody's Police Department Five Year Staffing Recommendation. You will note around a half million USD increase each year increasing the budget percentage dedicated to Police from over 27% to over 34%.

The first paragraph of Grogan's "Discussion" warrants attention down in Brookhaven:
The staffing level of the Police Department has been a topic of discussion since the early planning stages of the City of Dunwoody. Staffing the Department at an appropriate level is critical to ensure we provide our community with the services required to educate, partner and protect them.
Setting aside the silliness of the police prioritizing "educate" over "protect" in this self-proclaimed "City of Smart", the basic message, "talked about all the time" and "it's always about staffing, which means MORE staffing", should resonate with folks on both sides of the City of Brookhaven issue.

Take a few moments and read the recommendations for yourself. Then ponder what it really means in the context of Brookhaven.