Thursday, January 12, 2012

Al's Park

Before Dunwoody 1.0 called it a Job Well Done, they knew it was only fitting and proper to honor a long serving and long suffering fellow citizen. Al. Plus, it completely zero-ed out the city reserves demonstrating that Dunwoody can be run just like a business. A non-profit business, but a business nonetheless.

Work has already begun on Al's Park. Land has been acquired and as you can see below, demolition is nearly complete.

Before you know it there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony with all the appropriate dignitaries in attendance to officially award Al his private park. Expect a beaming recipient. And surely this ancient oak will be the centerpiece of the ceremony that  day and his personal green space for years to come.

So if you enjoy a chance encounter with Al, be sure to congratulate him.You better suck up if you ever want to set foot on his park because that's the way Dunwoody works.