Sunday, January 22, 2012

Al's Park Gets Pool

Construction on Al's park is continuing on schedule. As shown below, excavation and preparations for the initial pour for Al's pool is coming along, well, swimmingly.

And this is not to be just any pool, this is quite the water feature with a cascading waterfall (located in the foreground) feeding a "pleasure pool" at the base of the falls. To the side (off camera) will be a single-lane lap pool and adjacent to the main water feature, but not connected will be a series of fresh-water aquatic environments suitable for fish and amphibians--expected to be the star attractions. Excepting Al himself.

The finished "bath house" will be located where the existing Comfort Palace now stands, or leans, much like the Tiltin' Hilton in Sebewaing. It is expected to include a shower and hot tub as well as a sauna, providing Al with year-round activities.

At first many were surprised that the park would include a pool and bath house. But this was cleared up with a trip to nearby City Hall where the Assistant Director of City Parks' Associate Director pointed out this park, including the water feature, has always been in the "Al Master Plan". Furthermore this plan has been well vetted and subjected to much public input and scrutiny. The Associate to the Assistant to the Director did concede that the project may have moved up the priority list due to the unexpected availability of the property at an attractive price. The City is reported to have paid no more than a fifty percent premium over market well within City purchasing practices.

And Al couldn't be more pleased. When discussing the progress with a neighbor, Al is reported to have remarked "I couldn't be more pleased". In fact, he looks forward to completion of the "Al's Park" later this spring so he can begin his life-long dream of learning to swim.