Friday, November 5, 2010

It Doesn't Matter, Part Deux

If you're interested in proper redistricting of the Dunwoody cluster, or redistributing attendance to remove trailers from some schools while filling classes in others, or even dodging the the imminent loss of accreditation, then it doesn't matter who wins the upcoming runoff.

But a compelling argument has been advanced to embrace change for the sake of change. Since changing the name/face does no harm--a basic premise of bloated bureaucracy--there is no downside. But it sends a new message to those political cowards who capitulate for fear of losing re-election--you're going to lose anyway! After cycling a few do-nothings through the process someone might figure out they might as well try something if they only have one bite at the apple. And it adds a special pas de deux to the nepotism tango. Can we ignore a swelling population district employees who are relatives and near relatives of board members past and present?

So try something new for a change--vote for change. At least then you're voting for something.