Friday, October 31, 2008

A Great Place to Live

Or, maybe not so much.

CNN Money reports on the top 100 places to live and while Dunwoody is excluded from the list due to size, we can compare our fair city-to-be to the list. For more fun, visit the site and compare Dunwoody to neighboring cities.

So how do we stack up to the top 100? Well that depends.

We make more money and live in more expensive houses, but we also pay more in taxes and one might argue we get less for it. In spite of all the development going on around us, we are significantly below the top 100's average in job growth.

We are older, more stressed, more likely to have diabetes and less likely to have a health care plan to take care of any of this. We have more restaurants, fewer bars and air that is hardly breathable and have no plan whatsoever to address any of this.

Ironically we have more libraries, but even in a state scraping the bottom of the education barrel we fall behind the top 100's performance relative to state averages. We don't fund the arts, but we spend more on vacations. Apparently Delta's ready and we are too.

We're more likely to be married and have a small edge in diversity, though it isn't clear how many Dunwoodians consider that a good thing.

The weather is warmer, we get more rainfall and yet have the same percentage of clear days. All in all, the weather is here---we wish we were beautiful. If we just wish hard enough and click our heels three times then someday, maybe, we will be.