Thursday, December 9, 2021

Let's Lead With That...

...and that would be? Agenda. 

Reports had hardly surfaced of a new variant first noticed in Southern Africa when media, including the AJC, wrapped the incredibly scant information around their agenda. In this case vaccinations, particularly for kids. At the time of publication no solid information, beyond the number of alterations to the virus, were available. Pretty much everything else was anecdotal. It was being touted as faster spreading, but R-naught values were strikingly absent. Not that R-naught has appeared much in any US mainstream media, regardless of variant. And it will be difficult to gather the necessary information because reports are also indicating that symptoms are notably weak closer to seasonal flu than you're-going-on-a-respirator and where testing is driven by symptoms, many of those "afflicted" won't bother. Many report fewer, weaker symptoms than the vaccine side effects reported on the CDC's VAERS. You won't read that in the paper because it it is not well aligned...with their agenda.