Monday, October 25, 2021

Drugs In Schools

The school systems' drug of choice is taxes and DeKalb is no exception. If they distinguish themselves at all it is in that they all but refuse to tell anyone exactly what they intend to spend E-SPLOST funds on. The last time they did it was exposed as a lie and their little feelings were hurt. 

The last E-SPLOST was widely known as a waste and the best some could muster was "well, we hope some of the money gets to the classroom." The situation for those who think you can never dump enough money down the sinkhole that is public education has gotten much, much worse. Their best practices have been broadcast to dens and basements throughout the district and found horribly lacking. By parents. Parents who can no longer maintain the myth of "my child's education is one of the best." Parents who saw something that cannot be fixed by more money. 

Then our turbulent times blew open the kimono putting the politicization of public schools on full display. It isn't just the politics of racial divisiveness which they long ago integrated into their system, it is the growing chasm between their system and the parents who support it with their money and children. And the educators arrogantly assert they are in control and their political and industrial supporters are running interference on their behalf. They are saying, out loud, that parents should have no input on what their own children are taught or how they are educated.

A system that was intended to support the needs of our parents and children has been turned completely around. The refuse to teach the three R's, finding unaccountable indoctrination more to their liking. And their capabilities. Maybe what we actually need are public day cares, because our children sure as hell are not getting the education needed to compete in a global world.

It is time again to just say No! to E-SPLOST.