Thursday, April 8, 2021

Work Really Cuts Into His Day

You probably have a job. All in that would consume 40, 50, maybe more hours of your week. Especially if you hold a non-clock-punching, exempt position, leaving little time for fun, games and time with the family. Unless you're heading up the police department in one of the built to suit (developers and businesses) faux-cities.

Like Dunwoody.

Dunwoody's Top Cop (his words, not ours) is also an instructor at Guardian Leadership. This is in addition to his very own consultancy advising wanna-be-s on how to become just as good a cop as he. In between he's been the globe-trotting cop FROM Dunwoody. So is it any surprise that when he actually is in town and at least somewhat attentive to what is going on in his own department he is penning or just signing off on white-washing reports to deflect his and his department's culpability for extremely unsavory goings-on?

Is this really what the city wants? Apparently, as the city manager has done nothing about this, has said nothing about this, and so it must be concluded, at the very least, he approves of this.

So what to do?

Fire the city manager, with cause, for dereliction and replace him with someone committed to serving the residents of this community. His replacement's contract will ensure this is a condition for ongoing employment and given the disastrous experiences we've had with run-of-the-mill city managers this will require vigilance and frequent review. The first action of this manager would be cleaning house. In the PD and throughout city operations. Hard as it is to believe, in little over a decade we've allowed bureaucratic bloat to spread like kudzu. 

So how to do this?

This will require some significant changes in our elected representatives at city hall. Very likely some, perhaps most, are not salvageable and require replacement. With significant improvement over the current office-holders. 

Only then do we stand a chance of making the best of a very bad situation.