Thursday, December 10, 2020

Merely Adequate

Welcome to Georgia, home of merely adequate. We have enshrined in Article VIII, Section I:
The provision of an adequate public education for the citizens shall be a primary obligation of the State of Georgia.
Don't spend too much time looking because you won't find the part where "adequate" is defined but you will find much about delegating this "primary obligation" to local yokels and you'll even find a millage cap handily exceeded by the DeKalb School System. We pay more than the legal limit begging the question: do we get more than the legal minimum?

  • DeKalb [literally] brags about a 2020 graduation rate of 75.97. Is almost one in four NOT graduating adequate?
  • Illiteracy in our schools is so chronic and so epidemic that evaluation and reporting has been squelched over the last decade as if even looking would be like a nausea inducing glance at fresh vomit. Older, un-canceled reports indicate that 29% of eight graders in the US are functionally illiterate and high school senior reading proficiency in decline with over 25% reading below the "basic" level. With Georgia lagging the nation and DeKalb below average in the state can anyone, outside DCSD, call this adequate?
  • Justification for taxing those who do not send any children to DeKalb public is a social contract, the notion that ALL of society, even the childless, benefit from an educated community. Are we getting an adequately educated population by any objective measure?
Are there any three reasonably objective (IE: not a DCSD employee) observers who would dare suggest that what DeKalb residents are getting from their public schools is even close to an "adequate education?" Maybe it is time to recognize, and act upon, the plain fact that DeKalb County Schools are in breach of the social contract and have failed in meeting the responsibilities required of them by the State's Constitution.