Thursday, May 21, 2020

Education Is Bankrupt

The AJC reports that Rudy Crew and 67 others applied for the job as Superintendent of DeKalb schools. And Crew was the clear winner. Really?

Let's review some key facts:
  • Crew has not been a superintendent in over 12 years
  • Crew left district leadership for a statewide public education position
  • Crew left K-12 education for a leadership role at an urban college
  • Crew has been accused of APS-calibre score manipulation
  • Crew has been accused of financial mis-appropriation
  • Crew has been accused of obstructing auditors and investigators
We are somehow to believe this is the track record best suited to lead DeKalb schools. It is now time for those who advocated for Crew to fully disclose in a quantifiable, score-able fashion, those qualities they saw in this candidate that not only overcame, in their judgment, these obvious handicaps but also made him superior to 67 other applicants. Otherwise we are left to conclude that the education system is fatally flawed, incapable of producing leaders of great capabilities and great integrity. Or perhaps it is not humanly possible to lead a system of this size and it is time break the problem, and the system, down into more manageable components.