Monday, November 19, 2018

Let The Backdoor Hit You In The Backside. Please!

Fulton governments...and consequently those politicians...are in a bind regarding property tax bills. Politicians are blaming market forces, almost the same as blaming the taxpayers themselves, and have worked to institute an assessment freeze as some form of "relief." Fulton isn't unique. Other local governments, including Dunwoody, have been reaping the ill-gotten back door tax increases for decades.

Pretty un-American for a bunch of dimwit politicians to hold themselves above an open and free market, but there is more at work here. First is the blame storm and to the extent that politicians control the dialogue it is anything but their fault. Then there is the bald-faced greed that permeates politics of our day. And this is where it really is on the politicians...they own this.


Because market forces are outside their control. While they hate that, it is a simple, undeniable fact. Market prices are driven by what someone is willing to offer and what someone else is willing to accept. Not what some pol or his bureaucratic henchmen dictate. But pols do have control over something other than their rhetoric. They have direct control over our tax bills. They approve budgets and they set millage rates. They. Own. This.

Respect those who vote--set a revenue neutral millage rate. Respect the market--set a revenue neutral millage rate. And if they don't have the integrity, the character, to set a revenue neutral millage rate they shouldn't let the door hit them in the ass on their way out...of office.