Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Without Character...

...there is no shame. And frankly this is shameless.

Too Bad It Is Not A "Going Out Of Business" Sale
Shameless, arrogant disregard for this community. Supported by a member of Council known to flaunt a "don't ask-don't tell" approach to any quality of life ordinance if it is the least bit inconvenient for "friends and family" in the business community. To top it off, this business has touted their ownership as residing in Dunwoody. Apparently it is the part of Dunwoody that votes poorly and cares not a bit for anyone else who lives here.

Could it be any worse? Well...actually...

Code Enforcement CONSISTENTLY Absent
It isn't just the illegal sign. That truck was barreling down Chamblee-Dunwoody having come right thru the official No Truck zone. But what the hell, if you don't ask, they won't tell. And think about it--they're actually busy lip syncing, something they CAN do, so those words are not actually coming out of their mouths anyway.

Now, one might write this off as just another bee in TOD's bonnet. It certainly has become a meme around these parts, but that can be attributed to consistent failure of the City to perform one of its most basic duties: code enforcement. And, it isn't just TOD. This was provided by another disgruntled resident (in an envelope outside the front door beside a flaming bag of poo).

Could We Add An Hour To Discuss ENFORCEMENT?
Is there anyone left who sincerely believes we're better off now than before this city was voted in? REALLY? OK. FINE! Anyone other than the business owners putting out illegal signs?