Monday, June 4, 2018


Did you read last week's Blue Bag Rag? Of course not, it was a holiday week, the kids just got out of school and you were probably busy. Why would that matter? Because the Blue Bag Rag is the City of Dunwoody's Official Organ and as required by law the City published their notice of this year's tax increase:

Says 12.85% Increase Here

Though a larger increase than usual, raising our taxes is what this City does:

Says 13.45% Increase Here

Pretty slimy to publish when folks are distracted, right? But isn't that exactly how they pushed the referendum thru in the first place--by scheduling the vote during a holiday week? And it's pretty slimy to pretend this tax increase is somehow out of their control even though they've done it, deliberately, knowingly, for the last five years (at least). What about when they say "I did NOT raise tax rates" as if doing nothing to address our tax increases is a stellar accomplishment on their part? Deflective? Deceitful? Despicable? All of that, but let's just call it "slimy."  And really, isn't it just a wee bit slimy that they refuse to send any of our tax dollars back into our neighborhoods by way of code and ordinance enforcement that improves our quality of life and protects our communities? No. It isn't a wee bit slimy--it is very slimy.

But that's how "local" control works. You're not getting screwed over by slimy politicians in distant corners of the county, you're getting screwed over by slimy politicians who live down the street. Aren't you glad you voted for this train wreck?