Monday, February 5, 2018

Not His Finest Hour

No, not The Donald--Dr. Green. He came in claiming he was going to change the culture and he did bring some highly (over?) paid folks he trusted from jobs past. But the results have us wondering if the broken culture of DeKalb's schools is nothing more than a single instance of a broken culture that is public education in America.

In one case his and his crony's failing was illegal secrecy around a calendar committee. After questioning by someone at the AJC, who has the deep pockets for a very good lawyer, the Dark Green Machine fessed up and released the public information--to the public. Herr Doktor offered this excuse:
“I thought they were protected, that they had signed a form that gave them this privacy. I did not know there could not be an agreement like that.”
And just where do you suppose he got that tidbit? So much for culture change. And a FORM? Really? So any government group that wants to implement opacity needs only to write up a form? So the guy running a major, billion-dollar government operation doesn't know the laws under which it MUST operate? Ignorance, real or feigned, is always disturbing in government but particularly so in education as we reasonably expect more from those entrusted with our children's futures.

It gets better. Dr. Green has joined the whiners with regards to the APS annexation requesting legislative action to prevent future annexation. To his credit he is not too subtle, all but acknowledging it is only about the money. He sees OPM, largely from businesses as there are about 10 students in the transfer, as taking money from the over 70,000 mouths he has to feed. And he doesn't see himself fixing that problem anytime soon:
“Losing $4 or $5 million in perpetuity is a challenge.”
That would be challenging were it true but more credible sources peg the figure somewhere near one half that amount. Now if $5 million is a lot then $2.5 million is only half a lot. Right? So what is it? Ignorance? Advocacy? Hyperbole? Prevarication? Keeping up with the Trumps--hand size, crowd size?

Going forward Dr. Green should never ask why anyone would want to leave, by any means necessary, his school system. He should be called upon to explain, truthfully, factually, why anyone would want to stay.