Thursday, January 11, 2018

Walking It Back

The City of Dunwoody, which grossly overpaid for a City Hall and paying gawd only knows what to renovate the building is backing off on a commitment to be in the place starting the first of this year. From their fece-book page:
After much consideration, City council has decided to move back into the old city hall. We appreciate everyone's understanding of these changes. Sorry for the confusion. We will have a full statement out shortly.
Whiskey Tango Facebook! What can this be? A joke? Did someone hijack the City fece-book account? Did Grogan go Rogue and hit up the account with BS as a distraction? Was it too far from Fogo de Chão to suit Billy's Boy's tastes? Were they unable to get their ducks in a row such that The Right "which shall not be infringed" would be? And to maximum extent of their capabilities? Are they afraid the magnets in the MRI machines of Elite Radiology might disturb member of Council's trusty Piagets?

Some have pondered the discovery of asbestos. Or perhaps radon. Normally this would be late in the game as competently managed projects would check that in the early days. While the contractor surely checked there is a precedent with the City's handling of major paving projects yielding dictated inferiority. Maybe someone at City hall told the contractor to spread around some asbestos  or install radon sources. Perhaps someone has a cousin who runs an abatement firm?

But the important question remains unanswered: does this impact the re-branding effort?