Thursday, April 20, 2017

Outlawing Amway

The Smart City is working to ensure that the Amway Showroom you keep in your house is verboten as you cannot keep any for-sale merchandise at home. Not sure yet about selling out of the trunk of your car or the back of the van.

Sec. 27-168. - Home occupations.

(g) Use permits and supplemental regulations for Type B home occupations.

(2) Supplemental regulations.
e. page2image23456No stock in trade may be displayed or kept for sale on the premises and no on-premises sales may be conducted.  
This also impacts Tupperware parties but that is redundant as they will also be outlawed under the "no more than one customer on-prem at one time" rule. Unless burping the bowl is a "learning experience" in which case you can have up to three. And those lingerie parties? Fuggedaboutit!