Friday, September 4, 2015

If Words Don't Matter... can letters possibly matter? And if letters don't matter what can Capitalization mean?

Apparently not a thing.

Here in daVille AT&T has been pulling fiber* for the rollout of their U-Verse(R) with GigaPower(SM) High Speed Data service. Just how high speed? Well that's where words and letters and capitalization and all that stuff begins to matter. It is, as advertised, 1 Gbps.

But what is "1 Gbps?"

Well talking heads in the local media seem to think that is "one giga-byte per second" but AT&T make it quite clear that it is in fact "one giga-bit per second." Honest mistake right? Wrong. When the "b" in xbps is not capitalized it means "bits" and when you mean bytes you write xBps. To the average geek this is a big deal since we're talking a factor of eight difference in bandwidth, but to the average journalist this is about as significant as the distinction between semi-automatic and automatic when talking firearms.

How smart can we be when we get our information from the ignorant?

* In spite of the fact that AT&T/Bellsouth horizontal bored in empty conduit around the time of the Olympics AT&T is boring in MORE conduit for this deployment.