Thursday, August 13, 2015

No Harm No Foul

How did District 80 end up electing a Democrat? Is this assumed-to-be arch conservative district lilting to the left? Will Brookhaven become the next Decatur instead of just another Sandy Springs wannabe? Will this progressive cancer spread northward into Dunwoody?

Oh, the Humanity!

Or was it really the Lysol Controversy? If so was it the act itself or the cover up? One might suspect the latter as it cost the City Attorney his job after what some claim were clear ethical and legal violations. However original City Attorneys have not faired well in North DeKalb's upstart Cities with Dunwoody's and Brookhaven's both embracing ill-advised actions leading to ethics charges and eventual resignation. Perhaps it really was the former.

Or maybe it takes only a few minutes for the good voters of District 80 to appreciate the symbolism after which they were really sure they preferred the alternative.