Monday, May 11, 2015


A draft report of an "Organizational Effectiveness Study" on DeKalb County has been released and it includes some interesting nuggets on law enforcement. Turns out the PD is like any other government  bureaucracy--it is bloated, and the County's top cop agrees.

This is not just the consequence of attrition not keeping up with loss of service area due to city incorporations because this PD isn't just bloated, it is top heavy. So top heavy that the report suggests eliminating some of the high ranking positions, letting the officers who are doing the work anyway continue to do so, but without carrying the burden of redundant captains and majors.

Most folks in daVille are tsk-tsk-ing, wagging finger and tongue whilst mumbling something derogatory about DeKalb having been a jobs-works program for some time now. But it isn't just DeKalb County. Fueled by our recent tax increase the City of Dunwoody is expanding its very own police force. And you guessed it: not to  put feets on streets, but to put more highly paid arses behind desks. To "serve and protect?" Only protecting jobs, ma'am.

So one day, probably not too far in the future, our Council will be compelled to do their own "Organizational Effectiveness Study." And guess what they'll find: that the Dunwoody PD is bloated and top heavy.