Friday, December 26, 2014

NIMBY Overlay

There is a move afoot to build residential town homes in place of the Class C (Class B on a good day) offices sitting behind the new Stainless Steel Obelisk along the newly almost finished Dunwoody Parkway. Being attached housing it will naturally be higher density than nearby one entry/exit cul de sac mazes littering Dunwoody and outside of number and area (81 units on 8 acres) not much else is known. Will these look like re-purposed Post apartments or will they be of the quality of Fairfield? Faux Williamsburg, trendy loft look or neo-abandoned warehouse?

Of course this development will require rezoning and this is where the Dunwoody Homeowners Association comes in. They are against it. Seems odd, but the DHA seems to be the only organization on the planet that DOESN'T want to grow. Wow.

Even with the unknowns isn't this exactly what re-development is about? Isn't that one of the key justifications of the enormous cost of re-paving Dunwoody Parkway? And what would be the alternative? Allow the existing office buildings to continue a slide into decline? Demand for that type of office space has been severely impacted by technology empowered work-at-home business that no longer needs to pay rent to get the job done. Of course the every ready "traffic impact" bogey man has been pointed to but seriously folks the reason there will be more traffic is because these homes will be occupied and the current offices are largely empty.

Maybe what we're really watching is a pitiable struggle for relevance.