Thursday, November 6, 2014


Have you ever heard of the Dunwoody Village Overlay? Do you remember when Brewster's Ice Cream came to the Village? The first time? Then you probably know that folks around these parts are very protective of their Williamsburg image. At one point they got so pissy that there was going to be hell to pay until that ice cream shoppe bricked up and shingled over.

And thus it came to pass.

The overlay requirements were one of the first bits of "run your life" legislation taken up by this Smart City. It includes, in painful detail, what you can and cannot do to the front, back and sides of your buildings. Brick and mortar colours. Paint colours. Window aspect and orientation. Overhang. Doors. Shingles... At one point, possibly to this day, the sidewalk lamp posts, trash cans and benches were specified down to manufacturer, model and colour.

And then we got these.

And not just one, but many. Right smack in daVille. All. Over.

Looks like someone downtown, at Smart City Hall, has a friend in the stainless business. Kinda cuts the legs out from under any bitchin' about how the MARTA bus stop shelters don't fit with our Village theme.

But wait! There's more! daVille is blessed with a brand spanking new obelisk. As you've probably already guessed it is made of sparkling stainless steel.

Puts "neo" and "faux" ahead of Williamsburg.

What makes this an obelisk? Well you will notice there are no doors, no secret passage ways, no gozins or gozouts.

All the way 'round.

Given the non-faux-Williamsburg food trucks and the stainless invasion of daVille that poor slob who bricked up his ice cream parlor must be feeling pretty silly about now.