Thursday, April 10, 2014

Legislative SNAFU

No not the Gun Bill, this is more know where we have more "control."

Apparently a significant number of sitting County Commissioners really, really thought it went without saying that they were in elected office to piss away taxpayer money whenever and however they feel like it.

Observationally that seems undeniable.

When asked by the AJC quite a few stated they were totally unaware that administrative rules and restrictions regarding P-Card use applied to them. Upon learning that fairly well respected legal beagles concluded that these rules do indeed apply it has been determined that the first legislative order of business will be to clarify and codify these politicians' exemption from any rules, regulations or oversight.

However since this will be a legal document document they will approve and sign off on they've kinda screwed the pooch on that as well. Turns out they all approved and signed off on a commitment to abide by the same rules that apply to the "little people" when they got the card in the first place. Clearly they neither read nor understood that so why would this be different?

That's because this document ensures they can piss away our money unsupervised, unfettered and unaccountable just like they always have.