Thursday, March 27, 2014

Elaine's Restaurant Reviews

Paying homage to Angie Hicks and following in the footsteps of Dale Cardwell DeKalb County Commissioner Elaine Boyer is rumoured to be opening a new chapter in her life--as a restaurant reviewer.

What started as a hobby, a mere pastime, has blossomed in recent years expanded by her strong commitment to constituent services demanded in her role as a public servant. Of necessity this called for frequent, nearly daily contact with professionals in the food service industry and offered exposure to a wide variety of cuisines that further cultivated her interest in the culinary arts. A majority of her exposure was restricted to offerings in the local area so it wasn't until service called her to areas outside the State of Georgia that she realized how developed, how refined, how well attuned to the modern sensibilities her palate had become. What had been so obvious to others was now undeniable--by languishing in a county office she has been denying the culinary community the benefits of her true talents.

If the rumours are true and her avocation is to become her new vocation we wish Ms. Boyer all the best in her new career.