Monday, February 17, 2014

Blood Lust

The chilly weather offered an excellent opportunity to forage thru the LDQ* Café's freezer in order to sate a growing blood lust. The Quad of choice in this case is lamb. Not just any lamb, but American lamb delivered from field to freezer to oven to plate by none other than the University of Georgia (no, this is not how the Vet School buries its mistakes).

This is not just any ole piece of lamb. No sir. This a prime leg of lamb.

Of course that picture is a lot like looking at the sign at the end of Dunwoody Parkway and trying to figure out what it will really look like. It is really much better than you would otherwise imagine.

This particular cut of meat was hand delivered and prepared by one of the best amateur cooks in Athens. Not one of the Four Coursemen---they should be so lucky. As with all good cooks this one starts with good ingredients and this is no exception. The UGA lamb is not just well priced but unlike a "lamb down under" this meat is lean. Very little need to trim any fat.

There is a need to season which in this case involves minced fresh rosemary and garlic spread liberally on the outside and pressed into deep but small holes cut into the flesh.

Now it is ready for the rack. This is roasted in a pre-heated oven set to the people's temp (350 F) until an instant-read thermometer inserted in center reads 120 F. After all this about blood lust not charring.

You gotta let it rest. Some folks are too anxious and don't want to let it rest. But you gotta let it rest. Then there are the folks who NEVER let it rest--they are the ones dominating public comment at Council meetings.They really oughta let it rest.

A properly roasted leg offers meat done to every taste. The slices from the outside are done (not over-done, just done) while the meat gets increasingly rare as you slice towards the bone. Were that people were equally accommodating.

Lamb, done just right is most excellent with roasted potatoes. You do know how to roast potatoes don't you?

* LDQ: Large Dead Quadruped.