Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bragging Are We?

Seriously? See the problem? Right there...below the "&" in the top sign. See:

Are we REALLY bragging about SACS accreditation? In Dunwoody?

For those who've been on missionary work in Cote d'Ivoire for the past couple of years Dunwoody has become a hotbed of Public School secessionists with one group dedicated to creating a new school district and another creating an independent charter cluster. More importantly, Dunwoody is the center of gravity for the successful effort to obtain dual accreditation freeing our schools from the stranglehold of, you guessed it, SACS.

And the chief educrat overlording SACS is not exactly held in high esteem 'round 'bout here. Surely some are wondering if these "bragging rights" are obtained with simple payola or if there are "in kind" services required to get screwed over by SACS.

The only thing they could have done that would be worse is if they added a tagline of "Site of the Rusty Schneiderman Assassination" to their signage.