Monday, June 3, 2013

Memorial Day Fireworks Delayed

The Dunwoody City Council met the Tuesday after Memorial Day putting to vote the DNR Trail Grant Amendment to which one Councilman, Denis Shortal, objected on the grounds that in taking a vote at this time the City, the Council in particular, was breaking its commitment to hold a public discussion before this vote. He was attacked on his right by snide comments regarding inconsistency in his stance regarding grant monies, but flanked his opponent with questions whose answers clearly demonstrated that by delaying the vote and thereby fulfilling this commitment the grant would not be at risk and there would be no cost to the City.

Nonetheless when it came time to stand up for doing the inevitable but in so doing honoring a commitment Shortal stood all but alone with only Councilman Heneghan aware of what was at stake. As to the ethics of this action by Council Shortal's point was good and well made, but will be dismissed by some with the naive pejorative "what else would you expect from an ex-Marine"?

The Marine Corps does not create men and women of character and integrity, the Corp finds those with these innate qualities and from those few only the best are selected and from those select recruits the Corp then creates Marines. It was this character, this integrity, tested, hardened and in full measure that was on display last Tuesday. You may disagree with Councilman Shortal's positions on policy or his priorities for this City, but those who would question his character, integrity or fidelity to that which is honorable are dead wrong.