Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Local Control

Council is poised to rubber-stamp the next change to the original modest proposal for Brookrun trails to it's much pricier non-vetted implementation as a thoroughfare for our new APC. By and large this was believed to be driven mostly by City bureaucrats gone wild but the AJC's political roundup in the Memorial Day issue indicates that a key force behind moving us down this road is the DNR.

So in only a few short years we've gone from chants of "local control" to a City run by folks who don't live here and don't seem to like the folks who do and now we see one of the few publicly vetted decisions over-ridden by folks operating at the State level. There are those amongst us who say this is all for the best and we should sit quietly in the corner eating our cookies and drinking our milk but one has to wonder how many folks who voted to create this City are happy with this version of "local control".