Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dunwoody Charter Academy

This is direct from rumor central:
A group of like minded parents in Dunwoody are banding together to form Charter Academies to cover K-12 education for their children. Their unique approach, the basis for their Charter application, is that these schools propose to provide academics and only academics. No school lunches, kids can brown-bag it. No sports, that's what Dynamo and ALTA are for. No music program so if you think you're kid's got talent, then go for it on your own time on your own dime. And it will be modeled after homeschools (see GA Code Ann. 20-2-690 & Co.) with one hundred and eighty days of instruction of four and one half hours per day. 
Proponents of this model tout the efficacy and financial merits. Teachers will focus on teaching and teaching only with at least two hours every day for prep work. The laptop every child will tote around will be their multi-media center (what was once called a "library"). Given that students will be on campus approximately five hours per day the child's contact time with their parents will increase affording parents a greater opportunity to be engaged partners in their child's journey to educational achievement. Elimination of unnecessary waste in the form of cafeterias, libraries, sports facilities and theatres will trim costs and ensure that everyone, parents and students alike, understand "school is about learning". 
Of course this will never be approved and if it were it would never work. How can you possibly deliver a top-notch education without sports?