Thursday, May 3, 2012

Guide to Brookhaven

Or more precisely, a guide to the "NO CITY" Brookhaven community.

Top of list has to be Ashford Neighbors, self-proclaimed as "a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving our community". We will assume their community is "Ashford" which will be part and only a parcel of the forthcoming City of Brookhaven.

Then there is No New City of Brookhaven, which hints at a twelve-step approach for those drunk on the Koolaid, but seems stalled at step one: Admitting there is a problem.

Hot on their heels is a similarly named No City Brookhaven, offering a "No Fear" approach to presenting the facts around the increasingly contentious issue of the cityhood referendum. An identically named blog, seems to offer much the same information, and like this blog is immune to the cacophony of annoying poems and irrelevant drivel cluttering up other local information outlets.

By and large you will find much the same information and resource links at all these, and there may be more, but each comes in a slightly different package. They all take the same approach, presenting the facts, though this has time and again been proven ineffective when political rhetoric is the opponent's weapon of choice.

But at least they publish the facts and provide relevant references so the voters cannot legitimately claim a year down the road that they were misled by pro-city rhetoric with no way to know what was really going on. They will make the claim nonetheless, as the first part will certainly be true.