Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Part Time Prison

It's official. DeKalb County Schools are Part Time Prisons.

We've known for some time of the "Thug Culture" permeating DCSS: students, faculty and administration. We have close to one hundred "School Resource Officers", a secretive police force doing the administration's bidding with little or no public oversight. But now we have it all. We have Parole Officers in our schools.

That's right. Parole Officers.

The naive are wondering what in the world these officers could possibly be doing in the schools? Why aren't they out in the "real" world, where the criminals and probationers live? Sadly, it turns out they are just where they need to be because for some time now we've been creating, nurturing and harboring felons in our public schools. 'Bout four hundred. Convicted. So far.

And these are not your garden variety Mall Cop PO's. No sir, these are certified police officers. But not to fear, they'll be in their civvies and leave the "ruff 'em and cuff 'em" law enforcement to the SRO's. Jurisdiction and what not. They'll also be chatting up ALL students, not just our tatted young felons, so as not to damage the fragile at-risk self-esteem of those with whom they have official business. Right. That should fool everybody.

No doubt about it, we have come a long way from the little red schoolhouse. All of it down hill. We've burdened the system with false responsibility for every aspect of a child's life from the age of five to nineteen except the one thing it was supposed to do, and still hypocritically claims responsibility for: educating children. And heaven forbid anyone, especially a mere taxpayer, should suggest that public schools are no place for felons and parolees. On either side of the desk.

But you just keep on believing that YOUR child is getting a world-class education because YOUR child goes to the best school in the country!