Monday, November 21, 2011

Dunwoody: Startup Expertise

Most folks involved in the high tech community are painfully aware of the fact that the people who start a company are almost always NOT the people you need to run that same company once it is fully operational. Dunwoody, with a few years under its belt, is like a young company transitioning from startup to sustainability and we no longer need our current team of brash inexperienced startup specialists who require an increasing amount of adult supervision. In fact, we will not be able to survive them. It is now our time to acquire the experienced professionals we need running the show from here on out.

And we're in luck. We're all in luck.

Nearby voters already have or soon will approve and establish two new cities. This offers exciting new opportunities for our "City Entrepreneurs" while at the same time providing Dunwoody with the opportunity to grow the quality of our team. Starting now, we should be looking to upgrade our City Management staff, acquire extensive expertise in the City Attorney's Office and put a steady hand in control of our Police Force. And those currently in those positions will find themselves available to assist the newly approved City of Peachtree Corners and the about to be approved City of Brookhaven with their startup needs.

A serendipitous Win-Win-Win opportunity like this does not come along very often and we should not squander it.